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Sugar House Community Council

February 2013

Welcome to Sugar House

Dear Friends of Sugar House:

What is in a name?  The debate about how to spell Sugar House (one word or two words) still goes on.  The U.S. Post Office settled the debate in 1949 with the official spelling as two words.  Many residents do not have a preference, but as we look toward how to brand our community perhaps what is in a name becomes more important. 

This issue focuses on the history and movement of the Sugar House post office.  They have played an important role in this community - including our name.

SHCC Message from the Chair

Christopher Thomas

Digging out and being a good neighbor

The Sugar House Community Council website is a marvel.

In addition to providing the main vehicle of communication between the Community Council and the wider community, the SHCC website includes all kinds of useful information.  Including a recipe for how to be a good neighbor. Under the Main Menu, look for “Be a Good Neighbor - answers to common ordinance questions.”  What follows is an easy-to-follow guide prepared by the City that explains the nitty-gritty of several Salt Lake City ordinances.

For example: What do you do if you see graffiti in your neighborhood?

GRAFFITI Must be cleaned immediately; call to report for cleanup; adopt a spot by covering graffiti with paint supplied by the City.(801) 972-7885.

Or what about disposing of old medications and pharmaceuticals?

PHARMACEUTICAL WASTE (OLD MEDICATIONS) Do not flush down toilets or drains. Drop-off locations at the SLC Police Stations at 1040 West 700 South or 315 East 200 South. More information at:

Or, my favorite-snow removal:

SNOW REMOVAL Residents and businesses are responsible for removal of snow from entire sidewalk; enforcement begins 24 hours after snowfall; cannot shovel snow into street.

  • Sidewalk violations
    • Civil Enforcement (801) 535-7225
  • Snow removal on streets
    • Streets & Sanitation Customer Service (801) 535-6999

Yes, it’s true. It’s all of our responsibility to remove snow from our own sidewalks, and if your sidewalk isn’t clear of snow within 24 hours of a snow-fall, some upstanding citizen can call a number to report a violation!

And it makes sense, right? Maintaining clear and navigable sidewalks is a huge safety benefit.

Have you already cleared your own sidewalk? Then go for bonus points by scanning the rest of your block for sidewalks that haven’t been cleared. Maybe your neighbor is out of town, or isn’t physically able to get outside to clear his or her own sidewalk. Or just isn’t aware!

A kind offer of help and a gentle reminder about snow removal responsibilities can go a long way to educating our neighbors and creating a stronger and safer Sugar House -- One snowstorm at a time!

-Christopher Thomas, Chair

"Sugar House": What is in a Name?
Historical Committee  

Sugar, Utah

By most accounts, the first Sugar House Ward Paper Mill Post Office was established in 1868, and the postmaster was W.C.A. Smoot. Shortly thereafter, the post office was moved to his farm house (approx. 1031 E 2100 S.), north of the present-day location of the Sugar House Monument Plaza.

An official post office was established in 1883, under the name of Sugar, Utah. In 1899, the office was renamed and the federal government built a new facility at 2033 S. 1100 East for the Sugar House Station of the Salt Lake Post Office.

To accommodate the increase in business due to the community's growth, in 1940 a new station was built at 2155 S. Highland Dr. At a cost of $85,976, the building filled the site that had been the west entrance to Sugar House Park (now Hidden Hollow). In locating the station next to the Sprague Library and a public park, the block became the institutional center of Sugar House.

In 1949, there was a debate over the spelling of Sugar House, with many business owners and residents insisting that it was only one word: Sugarhouse. After civic leaders sought input from the community, they consulted federal officials for a decision. The U.S. Postal Guide settled the debate and Sugar House became the official spelling.

The Post Office was a fixture in Sugar House for 50 years. In 1991, it was deemed too small and inconvenient for modern mail handling. Plans were made to move the station up the street, not far from where it was located 90 years earlier. The handsome Colonial Revival building was offered for sale.

The building was listed on the City Register of Cultural Resources to insure its preservation and maintenance. 


The Intermountain Society of Artists proposed using the building for an arts center, with exhibit, classroom and studio spaces. The KOPE Kids wanted it for an environmental center or museum. The owners of the Simantov Rug Gallery hoped to place an exclusive Fine Arts and Antiques Gallery in the building.  But Salt Lake City acquired the property and offered it for sale. After a contentious bidding process, Johansen-Thackeray and Co. acquired the property as an addition to the new Sugar House Commons development.

The building became a furniture showroom called the Guild Hall. Then it was converted into the Cucina Nassi Convention Center. In January, 2013, it re-opened as Caterina, an upscale French restaurant owned by Salt Lake architect Ken Millo.

The fine old building continues to be landmark on Highland Dr. And it should be noted that a recent restaurant review spelled its location as...Sugar House!

Sugar House Streetcar Construction Update 

Transportation Committee 

Work continues on the Sugar House Streetcar. If you want to stay informed sign up for weekly construction updates.

The Salt Lake City Ombudsman will be regularly invited to SHCC meetings to discuss construction and street closures for all of Sugar House.

Here is what's happening this week in the Sugar House area.

Area 4: Crews will continue trenching and installing conduits for future traffic signals at 600 East.

Area 5: Between 900 East and McClelland, crews will continue skeletonizing track and pouring the concrete track slab.

If you have questions regarding construction or access issues you may call the hotline 801-236-4789 or email sugarhouse@rideuta.

Celebrate Sugar House     

Community Interest 

Sprague Library will be hosting a gathering to celebrate Sugar House in honor of winning the Great Places in America 2012 award from the American Planning Association. 

The Fairmont neighborhood was selected as one of the top 10 great places to live. Council Member Soren Simonsen will make the opening comments. Visual artist Blaine DeMille, who is a patron of Sprague Branch Library, will be giving a demonstration of drawing and painting. Laurie Bray's historical and contemporary photographs will be on exhibit. Also there will be an on-going, interactive art project called "Love Sugar House." Food from Whole Foods Market and Carol's Cake & Pastries will be served, and entertainment is to be provided by the Whistling Rufus String Band.

Come join the celebration for all those that live, work and shop in Sugar House.

When:  February 23, 2013
Time:  12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Where:  Sprague Library (2131 S 1100 E)

Form Based Code 

Land Use and Zoning Committee
Land Use and Zoning issues are a driving force in the Sugar House business district.  Zoning dictates the form and function of developments and uses that help make up the fabric of our community.  Salt Lake City is proposing to develop a new zoning type along the Sugar House Streetcar in form based codes.
Form based codes have already been in use in three areas in Salt Lake City -  the North Temple Gateway, 400 South Trax Line, and now near the Sugar House Streetcar.  The regulations are intended to achieve a variety of objectives, including encouraging mixed uses, preserving open space and environmentally sensitive areas, providing a choice of housing types and transportation modes, and making the development review process more predictable.
To read a full report by Judi Short on form based codes and what it means for Sugar House visit the SHCC website.
Read the proposed form based code here.  The Land Use and Zoning Committee will be holding their next meeting at Sprague Library, February 11th at 6:00pm.  There will be an interactive presentation on form based codes.